Animatrik featured in CG Society

CG Society chats with our very own Brett Ineson about taking on some rather nasty creatures in Gears of War 4. Find out more about the stunning photorealistic human performances and intense action.


Animatrik suits up for Gears of War

When you’re dispatching enemy ‘Swarm’ with an array of weapons in Gears of War 4, just remember that many of the character moves – from simple crouching to the biggest stunts – were enabled Animatrik’s motion capture technology.

This newest Gears of War third-person shooter is the latest in the series from Microsoft Studios in which humans on the planet Sera take on some rather nasty creatures. The action in the game is intense and features stunning photorealistic realistic human performances. Which is where Animatrik comes in, helping with planning and executing the months of motion capture sessions directly featured as gameplay and cinematics.


Planning for battle

Like all of their projects and motion capture, Animatrik gets involved early in the planning stages. For Gears of War 4, the company referenced animatics that had been created, and then helped develop a shotlist; basically a series of planned capture moves to satisfy the scenes that were required. Motion capture sets and props, all scaled appropriately for the game, were then constructed and the set dimensions were mapped out. The idea was to have everything ready to go for the shoot, all the way down to shooting schedules and call sheets.

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