Animatrik Film Design Opens In Toronto

Performance Capture and Virtual Production Studio, Animatrik Film Design Inc. opens Toronto studio.


Vancouver, British Columbia – February 20th 2015 – Vancouver based performance capture and virtual production studio, Animatrik Film Design Inc. has announced plans to open at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, one of North America’s most sought after studio complexes. The Animatrik Pinewood office will offer a full range of virtual production services, including performance capture, motion capture data post processing and simulcam for real-time visualization of computer graphics characters and digital sets.

“We are seeing a significant increase in the demand for motion capture and simulcam especially for on set and location shoots” stated Brett Ineson, CEO of Animatrik Film Design Inc, who went on to say “We have proven we can deliver motion capture and virtual production solution in some of the most challenging situations, including outdoors, on location, in varying weather conditions and on the largest motion capture volumes to date. I am looking forward to making our services accessible to the Toronto film and television production community and more broadly to our East Coast games clients”

The location at Pinewood studios allow Animatrik to offer its unique solutions for virtual production to anyone shooting at the studio, from the mega stage to the back lot. In addition a turnkey motion capture stage is also available for games and commercials clients, who usually prefer the convenience of booking a packaged service at short notice, for shoots of just a few.

About Animatrik Film Design. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Animatrik is a leading provider of motion capture, previsualization and virtual cinematography services. With one of the largest motion capture sound stages in the pacific northwest, and an expert team of technicians and visual effects artists, Animatrik is a proven provider of stage and location based motion capture and virtual camera services, with film and games credits which include American Sniper, Chappie, Elysium, Warm Bodies, District 9, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Thief 4, Crysis 3 and Mortal Kombat Legacy.