Day in the life of…A motion capture animator

We’re thrilled to have been featured in How It Works issue 84! How It Works wanted to know ‘What goes into creating the life-like animated characters in video games and blockbuster movies?’

Our President and CTO Brett Ineson provided the answer, giving details on a day in the life of a performance capture studio, from working with Hollywood stars to wresting mo-cap suits onto wolves…

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Animatrik Film Design’s Brett Ineson featured in MovieScope Magazine – Elysium and the Evolution of Motion Capture

Animatrik Film Design President Brett Ineson was featured in MovieScope Magazine. The interview titled Elysium and the Evolution of Motion Capture gives a rare insight into the technology used by Animatrik to bring life to inanimate objects in the film. Visit MovieScope Magazine to get your own copy of the article or check out our grabs below:

movieScope covermovieScope - indexBrett Ineson interview pages 1 and 2 Brett Ineson interview, pages 3 and 4