How to mocap a horse: It doesn’t have to be a ‘mare

Before we had cars, motorbikes or drones, horses stood as our primary means of transport. Recreating their distinctive gait for animation in films, TV and video games has traditionally been a tricky task, with many failed experiments along the way.

Motion capture services make the process much easier. But how does one mocap a horse? Animatrik reveals their experience and insights working with the majestic animals.

Horse motion capture

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Animatrik’s GDC 2018 roundup

True-to-life motion capture, VR advancements, Unreal Engine and other highlights that caught our attention at GDC this year.

Game Developers Conference 2018

The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of our favorite weeks of the year. It’s not the show where loads of massive games are announced—that’s E3 in June—but it’s the one that pulls back the curtain on the magic, the passion, and the innovation needed to bring modern games to life. And this year’s conference certainly didn’t disappoint on that front.

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Gizmodo Interview: The Past, and Future of Motion Capture

Our President and CTO Brett Ineson sat down with Gizmodo to shine some light on where motion capture came from, and what’s going to be happening in the future…

Over the past decade and a half, motion capture has become a staple part of any visual effects studio, whether they’re working on films, TV, or video games. And with good reason, seeing as how recording real people can be invaluable in producing more natural and organic CGI.

But mo-cap is one of those things you don’t hear a great deal about — certainly not unless you watch behind-the-scenes extras on DVDs. Even then, we’re only hearing about what’s going on on that particular set, rather than how filmmakers got there and where they’re heading in the future.

To get a better idea about where motion capture came from and what’s going to be happening in the future I sat down with Brett Ineson, CTO and President of performance capture company Animatrik. He’s worked in the effects business for over 20 years, with 15 of those focusing on performance capture. In that time he’s worked on Return of the KingWarcraft, District 9, Gears of War 4, and the upcoming Justice League just to name a few.

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Meet Brett Ineson

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Animatrik? We caught up with our very own President and CTO, Brett Ineson, to learn more about how he became involved in the performance capture industry.

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Leveraging a 20-year relationship, we have partnered with leading provider of high tech sales and strategy advice to the virtual market – 209 Group. We will be combining our expertise to deliver leading performance capture solutions to the film, television, games and animation markets.

Find out more below about how we’ll be ramping up performance capture solutions, as featured in Variety 411.

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