Character and Movement: A Terry Notary Workshop

Animatrik is teaming up with Terry Notary to deliver an exclusive workshop called “Character and Movement”. The famous actor, stunt coordinator and movement coach will teach attendees the key skills behind CG character performance. Continue reading and register for our limited edition workshop using the form at the end of this page…

The workshop takes place at Animatrik’s stage in Vancouver, BC.

The cost is $750 + GST

Terry Notary workshop flyer

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Animatrik bolsters its interactive VR pipeline

Animatrik teams up with Lifelike & Believable to deliver large-scale, live interactive performances…

Canyon Walk VR Event

In the past, Animatrik has delivered high-end motion capture for both feature films and video games; such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Gears of War and Justice League. Now, the studio is moving into the production of VR experiences driven by compelling, lifelike, and immersive animation.

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