• Director: Neill Blomkamp
  • Studio: TriStar Pictures
  • VFX Studio: Image Engine

The second of Animatrik’s collaborations with director Neill Blomkamp, Elysium saw Animatrik
provide virtual camera work for the outer space shots of the story’s orbiting torus.

Shooting from Animatrik’s Vancouver studio, Neill Blomkamp wanted the camera to feel like it was being operated by a real human being. Animatrik played back the spaceship animation in the digital realm, and then operated a virtual camera on the studio stage, filming the scene just as one would a normal scene.

The result was a dramatic and authentic-feeling sequence, shot handheld despite taking place far from the atmosphere of Earth.

Digi-doubles were also created for some background characters, and one scene in which Matt Damon’s character rips the head from a robot. Performance capture was used to give these elements a physical and tangible feel.