The Jungle Book

  • Director: Jon Favreau
  • Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Mowgli’s return to theatres required more than just the bare necessities in Jon Favreau’s remake of the 1967 Disney classic.

Animatrik played a part in bringing this virtual production to life, deploying 40+ motion capture cameras to track the core cinema camera. This footage was directly streamed to the Digital Domain production team, enabling them to view a real-time visualisation of the sets around the live-action character.

Actor Neel Sethi, who played the live action Mowgli, could also act alongside digital animal characters, again created by the talented Digital Domain team. Jon Favreau could view the animation of the anthropomorphised creatures alongside Sethi, giving him a better idea of the final look and feel of the film.

Using the film camera and the real-time composition of all film’s various digital elements, the Jungle Book truly came together, resulting in a colourful and exuberant end product.