• Director: Duncan Jones
  • Studio: Legendary Pictures

A huge virtual production effort for Animatrik, Warcraft required a massive investment in motion capture technology to bring the concept from the video game world onto the silver screen.

The Animatrik team worked on huge sets in Vancouver – with some up to 300 feet long – while also dealing with interference from the fire and rain effects that sometimes affected the technology.

Animatrik also had to switch production across the eight different stages that were in rotation. The team had to set up and take down the motion capture cameras with each set change – sometimes every couple of days.

Nevertheless, by deploying some 120 motion capture cameras to the different stages, Animatrik was able to successfully perform camera tracking of each character’s motions, as well as track the facial performances of various orcs and trolls, ensuring they retained the likeness of the original actor.

The result was an action-packed video game adaptation, and the biggest virtual production the Animatrik team has ever worked on.