Performance Capture


Animatrik Film Design excels at body performance capture. Coupling industry-leading capture hardware with our state of the art skeletal solving approach, your characters become actor doubles.  Perfect. Realism.


With a choice of single camera or dual camera head mounted cameras (HMC) and solutions for marker and marker-less face tracking Animatrik Film Design is able to capture every nuance of expression and translate it into data for future processing.

Real-time Retargeting

Real-time retargeting enables a motion capture performance to be reviewed live on the CG character.   For performance confidence or layout blocking,  real-time rendering is a key feature on a motion capture set.

Face Surface Capture

With our multi-camera Di4d system we are able to capture the surface of the face at 60 fps without the need for makeup.

There are two systems to work with …

Seated Pro System

9 camera system to capture the surface geometry as well as texture information,

HMC System

stereo camera, head mounted system to capture just the geometry itself.

HMC performance capture

On Location

Animatrik Film Design has extensive experience providing on-location and in-situ motion capture and real time visualization services in challenging conditions that include sunlight, nature, water, after dark and with ambient noise sources such as fire. We also hold the record for configuring the largest motion capture volume to date, comprising 110 motion capture cameras deployed to create a 185ft x 80ft x 20ft volume.

motion capture on location


With studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California Animatrik Film Design can serve your motion capture and virtual production needs in North Americas two largest film centres.

When Vancouver or Los Angeles aren’t an option, our mobile team can come to you.

Virtual Camera

The virtual camera system works in tandem with the motion capture system to visualize computer graphics in real-time. The system mimics the user experience of a film camera and can be used to visualize and record camera passes during a performance capture shoot.

Simulcam performance capture


Animatrik offers simulcam solutions that utilize a state of the art camera tracking solution from Ncam and/or motion capture camera tracking enabling cinematographers to simultaneously visualize computer graphics while shooting live action.

  • Mutli-sensor hybrid tracking technology – Understands 3D space.
  • Mounts to any camera rig – Steadicam, Handheld, Pedestal, Jib, Technocrane, Spidercam.
  • Provides real-time positional tracking data (XYZ translations & rotations) as well as lens information (F,I,Z).
  • Ultrafast setup and instant tracking –initialise within 1 second.
  • No environment limitations – not restricted to working in a volume or calibrated space. Works indoors and outdoors.

Additional Services

  • Character Setup
  • Data Post-Processing
  • Solving – Body, Face, Quadrupeds
  • Retargeting
  • Facial Rig Integration
  • Animation Blending
  • Virtual Set Integration
  • Prop Building
  • Live Character Retargeting
  • Video Reference
  • Scene Assembly
  • Post-Viz