Performance Capture

Deliver realistic 1:1 actor doubles at speed

Animatrik is built from the ground up to enable highly precise, clean, and production-ready body performance capture with speed and efficiency.

We couple industry-leading hardware with a proprietary state-of-the-art skeletal solving approach, meaning you get high-grade data, fast – saving time and money.

Real-time Retargeting

Review motion capture performances live on a CG character via precise real-time retargeting.

Thanks to real-time rendering, you can feel confident in a performance or layout blocking of a shot, before you launch into post.

Face Surface Capture

Every detail, visualized

Animatrik supplies incredibly high detailed face capture that will sell any audience on the realism of a CG creation. We can capture the surface of the face at 60fps, without the need for makeup, using our multi-camera surface reconstruction system:

Seated System

This 9 camera system captures surface geometry as well as texture information of face – imaging every pore and lineament.  Great for performance capture as well as FACS shape collection.

HMC System

This stereo camera, head-mounted system is worn by actors on stage, capturing geometry as they perform. It’s the perfect mix of flexibility and results.

Carne y Arena

VR/AR Events

Large-scale, real-time interactive performance

Animatrik delivers capture and performance data for some of the world’s largest VR/AR events. Recent credits include the Oscar-award winning Carne y Arena – thrusting viewers into the first-person viewpoint of migrant refugees.

In partnership with AR/VR creative partners, Animatrik build interactive systems that are robust enough to survive continuous usage.

We harness the sophistication of game engines like Unreal and Unity, never breaking the suspension of disbelief.

Royal Caribbean AR Islands

Go Big, or Go Home

Shoot at the scale you need

Animatrik holds the record for configuring the largest motion capture volume to date – we deployed 110 motion capture cameras to create a 185ft x 80ft x 20ft volume.

We also hold the record for the largest number of performers to be captured simultaneously in real-time: 21.

We’ll make your ideas a reality, no matter the size.

On-Location, Inertial Capture

Capture anywhere, any time

Animatrik has extensive experience with on-location and in-situ performance capture. 

We can deliver motion data in challenging outdoor conditions; regardless of sunlight, water, or ambient noise sources such as fire.

Our mobile team can head to your location and capture where you need us to. Only the setting will change – the data will be as robust as ever.


The latest virtual production technology

Animatrik operates the largest independent motion capture stage in North America.

With studios located in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, we’re able to serve all your virtual production needs from within the world’s largest entertainment hubs.

And when Vancouver or Los Angeles aren’t an option, our mobile team can come to you.

Virtual Production

Next-gen technology for next-gen filmmaking

Animatrik is equipped to deliver on the most technologically advanced projects.

Using our virtual camera system, you can film just as you would on set, viewing work-in-progress CG alongside motion capture through the viewfinder.

Cinematographers can simultaneously visualize computer graphics while shooting live action, ensuring the final VFX sequence has the exact blocking, timing and rhythm that you’re looking for.

There are no environmental limitations. The system works indoors or outdoors, independent of any calibrated volume.

Simulcam performance capture

In-Camera CG

Plan as you shoot

Watch live action performance and digital characters side-by-side in real time, displayed through Ncam camera tracking solutions.

  • Multi-sensor hybrid tracking technology understands and works flawlessly within 3D space.
  • Mounts to any camera rig – Steadicam, Handheld, Jib, Spidercam, and countless more.
  • Provides real-time positional tracking data, including XYZ translations and lens information for accessible shoot oversight.
  • Ultra-fast setup and instant tracking within just one second.