Join us at SIGGRAPH 2018

With SIGGRAPH 2018 right on our doorstep, how could we possibly miss out on the upcoming presentations, demos and fearless acts of collaboration? Animatrik is teaming up with B&H on booth #1308.

Animatrik and Ncam at SIGGRAPH 2018

We’re taking a hands-on approach to SIGGRAPH this year. Drop by booth #1308, enjoy our exclusive motion capture demo and find out more about the latest advancements in virtual production from Animatrik’s president Brett Ineson.

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In-Camera CGAnimatrik is showcasing the latest in real-time rendering and camera tracking technology, developed by multi-award-winning augmented reality specialists at Ncam. Watch a CG scene come together before your very eyes right alongside live action performance capture. We utilise these very same techniques in Hollywood hits like Deadpool 2, Ready Player One and the AAA Gears of War franchise.

Using Animatrik’s virtual camera setup, you can film just as you would on set, viewing work-in-progress CG alongside live action. Cinematographers can ensure the final VFX sequence has the exact blocking, timing, and rhythm that you’re looking for.