Suicide Squad Stunt-Vis featured in AWN

Our performance capture system was featured in Animation World Network! Find out how we helped plan intricate fight scenes for the latest DC Universe instalment – Suicide Squad.


The latest in instalment in Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ DC Universe, Suicide Squad, required a variety of high-end VFX techniques. However, before the visual effects process even began, intricate fight scenes needed to be meticulously planned. This involved the film’s stunt team, previsualization studio The Third Floor, and Animatirik‘s performance capture system, all of which worked together on what the production dubbed “stunt-vis.”

Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad turns the classic superhero convention on its head by skewing the story to the bad guys. Actors Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and more are given the chance to flex their weirder acting muscles as the bad guys from the DC Universe. The film features several edge-of-your-seat fight scenes, in which the previously incarcerated criminals battle a seemingly endless wave of supernatural enemies created by the spirit Enchantress and her brother, the otherworldly Incubus.

1030829-suicidesquad3Stunt-vis was a crucial stage in planning live-action combat photography for Suicide Squad, as it allowed the production to plan and choreograph the fight scenes before launching into the full shoot. Later on, stunt vis also assisted in informing the final VFX and animation, especially as some of the computer-generated characters involved were much larger than regular humans.“The stunt coordinator had the tough task of planning fights between characters of radically different heights — from five feet tall to 20-feet tall,” explained Animatrik President and CTO Brett Ineson. “That made these scenarios very challenging; you would have a six-foot person playing a 20-foot character who would be fighting characters and actors of normal heights.”

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