We have partnered with Ncam!

We’re pleased to announce that our leading performance capture studio has partnered with the multi-award-winning augmented reality developer Ncam.

The partnership will offer even more precise, high-end animation to blockbuster film, television and video game projects, from production onwards.

From set extensions to real time creature motion capture, we are increasingly delivering real time motion graphics live on set. Ncam’s camera tracking technology and seamless video/CG graphics integration make it the perfect fit for Animatrik.

With virtual production, CG no longer takes place only in post. Using Ncam’s technology, we become an even more integral team member on the film set, enabling a more streamlined creative process.

The two teams will work together to meet the growing demand for complex VFX on the production stage.

Nic Hatch, CEO, Ncam, comments: “We’re thrilled to provide our efficient solutions to the entertainment industry via Animatrik. As a leading performance capture studio, Animatrik’s services offer us information straight from the field, allowing for quick improvements to the technology.”

Brett Ineson, president and CTO, Animatrik, comments: “There’s a growing understanding in the feature film and television industry that VFX doesn’t just happen in post anymore. Our partnership with Ncam allows us to react quickly to these changes in the production phase, and solve our clients problems even faster!”

Ncam’s multi-award winning patented technology has been utilised by the UEFA Champions League (BT Sport), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel), Jupiter Ascending (Warner Bros.), Edge of Tomorrow (Warner Bros.) and more.